After several years of postponing the "project blog", I finally decided to do it!

Back in my college days, for about 60-70% of all my courses, I was a TA and loved it! Then later in my career, on-boarding new developers was one of the most pleasurable aspects of my job. Guess I love to teach!
I also had to change two jobs this year so I experienced quite a bit of Impostor syndrome and this blog is going to be my therapy now 😎
Writing is not easy, but if it wasn't easy, it wouldn't a challenge, would it?

Writing is nature's way of telling us how lousy our thinking is.
Leslie Lamport

What is this going to be about?

This blog is going to be mostly tech related. Primarily web development with lots of Javascript. Until your head explodes. Did I mention I love Javascript?
I might sneak in a few smartphone and travel/photography related posts as well.
The form will be short and sweet although there could be some tutorials and more-in depth posts.

How often will this Interwebs torture be happening?

My goal is to write on a weekly basis. It will be easy in the beginning since I have a lot of notes about what I want to write. My day-time job challenges will also provide me with plenty of stuff to write about.

Who are you anyway?

I am a full-stack web developer, primarily in Javascript and with a focus in front-end development. I've been tinkering with computers since my elementary school days. And before that I was busy begging parents to get one and reading about them. How many years of experience that is? Enough to be somewhat conservative with tech and not follow/use every single new and shiny thing that is out there 😱
I have lived in Europe, Canada and I currently reside in the United States. Love photography and naturally, travel. Currently, I work as a Senior Front-End Software Engineer at SheKnows Media.
Many projects and two degrees in information technology later and I am here - destined for writing this blog 😂 [drum roll.mp3 here]

What's with the photos?

I love photography. Now that I am writing a blog I now have some practical use for all those photos I have taken throughout the years 😉 So every post will be accompanied with a photo taken straight out of my camera.

Why should I follow your blog?

Seriously, you shouldn't. This is going probably going to be a torture and I would not recommend it.
But seriously, seriously now, this blog is all about giving back to the development community. Without you guys out there, your blogs and FOSS projects, I probably would not have my career now. This blog is my way of joining you guys in hope that somebody will learn something new from my ramblings here. Pay it forward!

In and out. Ciao!