Over the years, I've used many TV show tracking apps, but was never fully happy with any of them. To change that, I've decided to make one myself.

Without further ado, let me present you my puppy - Binge Watch Time.
BWT is a Node/React/Redux SPA. It uses the amazing themoviedb.org API for shows data and a MySQL database for local persistence for the app data (starred shows and watched episodes).

BWT has a discovery section by different criteria such as New, Popular overall or Popular by genres. Opening a show reveals an overview with shows info including the show trailer, all episodes grouped by seasons and next episode if you are already tracking this show. Shows can be tracked in three lists:

  1. To-Do - for shows discovered by the app or referred by a friend, etc.
  2. Watching - currently being watched (this list will be used for notifications once they are implemented)
  3. Watched - list of fully watched TV shows that can then be used as a reference list for recommendations to friends

BWT is still a very much an MVP and there are many features I'd like to get implemented in the future:

  • notifications (email, push,...)
  • better email templates
  • movie support
  • user settings
  • offline support
  • sort shows in lists
  • ...

BWT is open-source available on Github and free to use.
Register at https://bingewatchtime.com!

In and out. Ciao!